Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All of the cool pictures and pretty pictures

My brother was going to sleep, and I was reading a book to him, and he kept on knocking off the dog, and the cat while I was reading the book to him.

This is my sister when she was born in the hospital. She was asleep.

My friend Cole was doing a back flip into the pool.

When my Mamaw was reading us a book Caleb went and got his pillow and his blankie. Then he said, "ok, I just wanna go to sleep." When Mamaw realized it she found out that Caleb was asleep. Then I went and took an upside down picture of him.

When I was at Corner Bakery we were waiting for our food. I took a picture of Annie.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ali's Peeps

I took a photograph of myself. Ali.

He's my coolest brother in the whole wide world.

He's my funniest brother in the whole wide world. He will crack my face up. If you ask him if he wants ice cream he'll say, "no", and it's so funny.

My mom is happy because I took a picture of her.

My Dad is really, really, really, really fun with us.

Chris is my next door neighbor and he's really cool and really, really, fun to play with.