Monday, July 19, 2010

At home with fun!

Zoe Baby!

Sarah A, and my brothers have make-up on. Micah is a clown. Caleb is a presenter. Sarah is a producer and I am a photographer!

Mommie's Homemade yummy smoothie yogurt.

I caught daddy reading a Runners World magazine. I had a great time at my home. I hope everyone does.

Lego Jet-pack

I made this really cool jet pack girl. She's really awesome! I defeated her now. I like crushed her all up so she's gone.

Pennsylvania Fun

My cousin holding a soda bottle.

Micah in an airplane.
Me in an airplane.

The old barn

Zoe and Caleb

It's Aunt Lena's casserole recipe.

Safari tour bus

I had a good time in PA. It was really fun. It was really great to be with my uncle and aunt because we had a lot of fun. We ate Life for breakfast every morning.