Sunday, March 18, 2012

<- That is One cool Kid!! :)

The trip to NC! :) 1

This is the play house Me and my Cousins and my Brothers played in! (That middle thing was are Favorite!!) :)
This is a closer picture of the big thing in the middle in the picture Above!! :)
This is Me and my Cousin Addie in Texas! :) (we are watching Mary Poppins!) :)
Thats us digging! :)
Theres the St. Louse Arch! :)
Hope you like it!! :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Calebs first soccer practice!

Hi This is Ali, and this is Calebs first practice!! :)
There Stretching! :)
Still Stretching! :)
Still Stretching!! :)
Here is Caleb Playing!! :)

Thats all right now!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


ok we wont be in AZ For at least 2 years probably 4!! :( ;( So I am going to try to keep in contact ok? Got that? Good. now i can not do this a lot so be on the look out!!

Africa pics

Here is some pictures i think you will enjoy! :)
Here is a African Lion!
Here is Both! Here is one!
Here is the other!! Thanks!!

We made it to NC!! :)

Hey everybody! Guess what? We made it to NC!!! :) :) Yay!! :)
Here are some blessings from God,
1. Caleb and Micah are in sports! Micah = T-Ball Caleb = Soccer! Yay! :)
2. We get to live in a House not a Apartment! :)
3. Dad already is in flight training and is doing a Great job at it! :) Already flown 2-3 times!!
4. We have gotten used to Dad being gone and Mom here! :) But he gets to come home for Lunch!! :) :)
5. We met are next-door nighebors! :)

Thanks everybody!!